Lavander Soap

There’S my lavender and a lavender powder, I Decided to make a rose and lavender soap. It will also have the essential oils of lavender and rose. So here are my oils and butters here and what I’m doing now is just melting down my goat’s milk Yep. That’S right: It’s a nice, goat, milk, […]

Are Casinos Good for Communities?

When local, or even provincial or state governments find themselves in need of greater revenue streams to support education, healthcare or other services, but don’t want to raise taxes, casinos and lotteries are often promoted as ways to produce a sizable influx of cash, boost tourism and provide a new source of entertainment for the […]

Joey’s Story with Problem Gambling

Hi everyone. My name is Joey, and this is my experience with gambling. When I was in middle school, I was often alone. I didn’t have many friends, and my parents weren’t around very much. When I was in high school, I started gambling because I enjoyed it. I liked the thrill of gambling and […]

Unbeatable Roulette System


Good evening, my friends and welcome to a new tutorial about how to cash out money from casinos playing at Roulette. Now I am the CEO of let how to wink on website, and many of you knows me as armand de dion-bouton, adrian the founder and CEO. Now I like to showing you something […]

Keno Tricks

Keno is a simple number game that is highly popular among casino goers. This is because just for a dollar it gives you the chance to win a million dollars. You can choose your numbers for a keno ticket from one to twenty. The ticket has space for eighty numbers arranged in the form of […]

How to play roulette

If you are playing a number straight up, place your chip on that number, it doesn’t matter if someone else already has a chip there or not, if they do, just place your chip on top of theirs. If you are playing 2 numbers (split), then place your chip between the two numbers. If you […]