Best Advices for Unforgettable Holidays In Cuba

Choosing tours in Cuba, you can be sure that your vacation will be remembered for a long time, and you will get a lot of unforgettable emotions. Holidays in Cuba will become an incredibly amazing encounter with the immense ocean and the magnificent local beaches. The country is rich in variety of unspoiled nature, so the rest in Cuba will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for you. The locals here are very friendly. The hotels in Cuba meet you with warm and welcoming.

Cuba Climate

The climate is temperate and tropical. Soft enough thanks to warm ocean currents. If the winter temperature in Cuba may fall to 20, the water temperature here remains fairly constant throughout the year. That is why Cuba is a favorite holiday destination in both summer and winter.

Cuba Geographical Location

Cuba is located in the north-western part of the Caribbean. The island, which is shaped like a crocodile, on the north by the waters of the Straits of Florida, south-west – the Yucatan Channel, to the east of the Windward Passage caresses the coast of Cuba, and in the south – waters of the Caribbean. Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the US state of Florida – the nearest neighbors of Cuba.

By purchasing tickets to Cuba you get the opportunity to visit the one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the Western Hemisphere – Havana. The capital of Cuba is not only pleases a lot of beautiful beaches and amazingly beautiful ocean, but also a large number of historical and cultural attractions. In the historic center of this unique city you will see some old forts, which to date have retained their former superiority.

The country is home to more than 11 million people, including a large number of representatives of different nationalities. A feature of all the local people is their hospitality, friendliness and wit, what you easily can see for yourself, choosing vacation in Cuba.

The official language of the country is Spanish, but here it includes a large number of words borrowed from Africans and Indians. In addition to the Spanish language in Cuba You can also find people who speak English, French, German, Italian.

A large part of the population identify themselves as believers, and most of them are Roman Catholic. However, apart from the Catholics in Cuba also have representatives as Protestant, Orthodox churches, as well as those who profess syncretism. Syncretic beliefs emerged from the confusion of the African cults to the Christian religion.

In the interest tours in Cuba, it is desirable to know the price in advance to prepare for the trip thoroughly. The monetary unit in the country is the Cuban peso, and the organization of money circulation is practically has no analogues in the world. Non-convertible pesos used in the country as wages and the dollar has a ratio of 1:20. Convertible pesos issued in foreign banks at the rate of 1: 1. For this reason it is best to carry small dollars and pay them.

Cuba Shopping For Travelers

Tours to Cuba give you the opportunity to buy and the famous Cuban cigars, coffee and a stunning and unrivaled Cuban rum, and much more. As a very popular souvenir items made of black coral, tortoise shell bracelets and bongos, percussion instruments, which are used in African melodies.

Cuba Kitchen

One of the best national dishes unique Cuban cuisine is Creole ajiaco dish with spicy pork and a very large amount of vegetables. No less tasty are the stewed chicken with rice, a dish of chopped pork tasaho and huge popular famous boiled crawfish with lemon and turtle meat. From the most popular alcoholic beverages in Cuba, of course, considered the world-famous Cuban rum.