Keno Tricks

Keno is a simple number game that is highly popular among casino goers. This is because just for a dollar it gives you the chance to win a million dollars. You can choose your numbers for a keno ticket from one to twenty. The ticket has space for eighty numbers arranged in the form of a grid. The player has to mark these numbers as the keno writer calls them out during a game. Before the game begins, you must specify the betting amount in the given column.

Next, you enter the total numbers you have selected. Remember that you must claim the winnings of one round within five minutes before the next round begins; else you lose the entire amount. You can use the same ticket for twenty games in the multi-race version of keno. In this variation, you get your prize at the end of the twentieth round and you must retain the same numbers for all the rounds. A new version of this game permits players to play almost a thousand games and gives them a huge period of a year to claim their winnings.

You must keep the receipt issued by the keno writer so that you can claim the prize. The computer randomly picks twenty numbers and the winner is the player with the maximum number of matches. You cannot predict the outcome of the computer as it is a random selection and every number has an equal chance of occurrence. So do not fall for keno winning systems that help you predict the numbers.

Besides a straight bet, you can make a way bet by placing several wagers on the same ticket without paying any money for these extra wagers. For this, you must choose three groups of three numbers and make three bets instead of one. You may combine way bet by placing six bets on a single ticket.

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