Rose and Lavender Soap Recipe

There’S my lavender and a lavender powder, I Decided to make a rose and lavender soap. It will also have the essential oils of lavender and rose. So here are my oils and butters here and what I’m doing now is just melting down my goat’s milk Yep. That’S right: It’s a nice, goat, milk, cream soap and I found a fix For that sale. White.

Lavander Soap
Courtesy of Dobre Mylo

The goat milk looks there where it’s almost overexposed. I Figured out what’s causing that just tonight After I filmed this. Unfortunately, It’s lighting and I’ve moved the light and it has fixed the problem. So my next videos going to look much better Now.

These gloves, I’m constantly on the search for the perfect left for my hands. These are some that I purchased at the discount store and They just shred it while I was putting them on and taking them off. This is the second or third pair that I’m wearing because they kept tearing Now iPad my hands. I did all the things I trimmed my nails to make them To make it as easy as possible, But they just aren’t very good.

This is the kind of love I prefer it’s a very short glove that just comes up to my wrist and very thin Just easier to use for me than those big clunky gloves, and I know for some folks those work great. I just haven’t found any that fit my hands right now. I’Ve tried I’ve ordered four pair off Amazon. I bought them at Walmart Discount other discount stores. I bought some at the hardware store, None of them fit me Snugly. The way I want them to either they fit way way too tight or they are way too big.

So I just have to find that Goldilocks pair, So here I’m just adding a little bit of oil into each of my ingredients and that’s just to facilitate an easier incorporation with the soap now that yellow over there is some French yellow clay where I’ve just added A little bit of the oil to it as well, That’s gon na be for the base, so it’s gon na have a very pale yellow base with what I hope to be a very pastel pink in a very pastel purple, and I’ve tried this before and it Was – and I think this would maybe a little yeah to, but it came out kind of pretty and it smells good. I don’t think I’m going to Use these particular ingredients when I’m trying to do a swirl They’re great for coloring, But they don’t work so great. In swirls, Because you can’t you can powder them, but you can’t quite get them as fine as you can or with. Well, I don’t have the right tools to make them find as they need to be and really incorporate in the future.

I would infuse the oils with these greens get color, rather than add them to it after the fact, So some news I have to share with you all. This is one bit of news. I Actually took some of my soaps to a local market. Affleck, a farmers market in the next town over the weekend and Sold out of everything that I took. I was really surprised, Really surprised.

I just had no idea, I thought it might sell a few, but they bought everything I had Well. That’S not true. There were two bars that were left because I didn’t see him. They were behind a display. Now. My only regret is that I didn’t take more Because I have still a lot and of course I have quite a bit listed.

My Etsy store have more to list, But I was really surprised anyway enough that Ok, so here I would. That was just adding my fragrance oils that are my essential oils and You can see it thickened up a bit here, but that’s not a surprise. I got it to thin up a bit here.

I just had to stir it a bit. I have found this to be the case often times if I do a water discount, which I did here and add it to these other natural ingredients to kind of hydrate. Those so Being water discount and adding the fragrances thickened up a bit, but not too thick as you’ll, see here. So here I’m just mixing in some of my colors in I’m experimenting. I didn’t know just how much I, when it put in to get that Rosy pink Is it. You know it looks so much darker when you have it combined in that small little container with the oil, So you kind of have to play with it a bit and come up with just the color you want – And this was what I wanted was sort of This Pale pink, but with just a bit of red tint to it: Here’s our lavender and our purple clay, and I really liked the color it made.

Someone did this quite pastel. Actually, This Yellow clay did thicken up a bit here, So I decided to just get the stick blender to get that will incorporated to my base here, And I know I risk thickening it up, but hey I decided live dangerously And I did go very Conservative with The yellow clay here – because I didn’t want this to be a bright, yellow, a bit sort of a pale Pastel yellow, which is what I ended up with. Thank goodness So now comes the fun part just pouring it in the mold, And I just threw caution to the wind here – just poured it in left a little bit in there for the top, But that really wasn’t necessary in the end. So I knew because this was thicker that I would want to pour it from up high, So I’m actually lifting this up about four feet above and dropping it down, and you can see it’s going in And In retrospect I would have darkened these colors up.

Just a little bit I mean I did want them pastel, but they are so faint and so very subtle Which I happen to like. But I know that’s not everyone’s taste. Sometimes you want those very bright, vibrant Swirls, our drop swirls, whichever the case may be, and you’re not gon na get it with this. The way I did it so Allah will take this One of the things that I found and making soap here and posting them on YouTube That some of my more popular videos, I’m not sure why this is – Are the ones where I use my natural ingredients, which Is most of mine, I would say 95 %, And one of the most popular ones is ones where the colors were a little more subtle, and that was the Vegetable one that I recently did eat your veggies. It was really a big it. One of my bigger more popular videos, So I must be doing something wrong, But I depend on you all to let me know what kind of ideas you have.

What would you like to see – and I know I’ve asked this in other videos and I don’t want to pester you about it and There have been some great suggestions this, for instance, Someone said something with rose, So here’s rose and someone today Mentioned jasmine, which I Love that idea, I don’t have any Jasmine, essential oil. I have some jasmine flowers, So I’m gon na have to wait till I get that in. I thought I had some, but it I used it all so, for you, you’re gon na have to wait just a little bit, but I did order some.

I Just tried to pour out what was left scrape out my containers good southerner to wash later, of course, And try to add some kind of a pattern on top, And this was where I realized. Those colors were just too similar and it was just muddying it to do anything else on top so Wipe it off and cover it in flowers. I Really like working with lavender, It’s just such a nice smell and I don’t think of it as a feminine or a masculine smell. It’S just a wonderful smell and The same with roses.

Now, I’m not going to wear rose perfume on my body or clothes that matter. I just don’t care for it, But I don’t think of fragrances Necessarily gender specific except yeah, there’s one my grandmother wore gardenia. So it’s always to be grandmother smell. That’S like I will never do a gardenia soap matter of fact I was thinking about that, but I certainly Will be wearing guard idiot.

So I just used the stick just to press the flowers down in to this up a little bit so they stay affixed. Getting. I said I had a surprise for you. The surprise is that I put a camera on my soap cutter In just a moment. I’Ll show you what that looks like I just thought. It’D be something fun to do Here we go Now.

The color is a little off. I know how to fix that going forward, but It was just a fun idea just to give another perspective of what it would look like. That Cool, though I’m just looking at some ways of doing different camera angles, To give something. Just a little more interesting than what you see and every soaping video right, We make a soap and we cut it Now. I realize that some of you have requested that I be on camera more and I’m gon na do that.

But I have to wait to get my hair cut. I just I’m not Too happy right now, because it’s getting longer and fuzzier And that’s just what it does Sure I can put product sent it and make it a little more tame. But I want to get my hair cut and I’m not a vain person. I just I don’t like looking at myself and do I have to do that when I’m filming, so I Better look at myself a shorter hair. Maybe I am vain believe it at that. So I want to thank you all so much for Especially to all of you that have stuck with me through all of this, the new members.