Travel In Usa For Less Money! What Transport Choose To Travel?

You are going to a tourist tour in USA? Couples of the simple rules will save a lot of money!


To travel long distances it is profitable to fly. Among low cost should remember Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, Jet Blue, Southwest and others.

Keep in mind that because of the highly competitive airline in the US quality of service and support at the highest level. Companies are fighting for each client in the case of dispute the company tend to decide in favor of the passenger.

Terms of the purchase of cheap flights:

Flights must be booked in advance, the sooner the better. Buying tickets online is cheaper than in the office or at the agents. Cheaper tickets is “round-trip” tickets between noon Mondays and Tuesdays or Saturdays. Airlines increase ticket prices during the holidays: Thanksgiving Day before Christmas, during the school holidays (Spring Break), and in certain areas, for example, for a weekend or Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas. Flights to popular destinations in megacities will cost much cheaper than flights to smaller cities.


For trips on short distances is cheaper to take a bus.

The largest company – Greyhound, whose buses connect major cities and tourist sites in US. Tickets are cheaper to buy online than in the office. Up to 50% of the ticket price, you can save, if you order a ticket in advance. There are discounts for children, students, soldiers, veterans, the elderly. The bus fleet of the company is not new, so pay attention to the other companies.

Megabus – one of the best bus companies with free Wi-Fi on board, comfortable seats and almost free tickets Ticket prices start at one dollar.

Chinatown buses – buses depart from Chinatown in New York and follow the route of the east cities of the USA.


Railway monopoly is taken by Amtrak, which connects the major cities of the United States. Sometimes the train tickets cost as much as a plane. But the comfort of travel and scenery outside the window are forcing many tourists to choose the travel by train.


Taxis in the United States is expensive. Taxis can be ordered by phone, call at the front desk clerk at the hotel or just a word on the street.

Urban transport.

In the urban transport fare is paid to the driver. The money should be put into a special machine at the entrance. So stock up in advance the necessary amount, as the change will not be paid. The entrance is through the front door and exit through the middle and rear doors.

Rent a Car.

Going on a trip now, it will be better to rent a car. This provides many advantages. Firstly, you can plan your entire itinerary and is not dependent on the guide. Secondly, all vehicles with automatic transmission (preferably take a GPS-navigator). Thirdly, the quality of the road in the United States is very good.

Do not forget! To rent a car, you must have a driver’s license and be over 21 years (in some companies – 25 years). Rent payment is usually made by credit card, but you can pay cash. Since you are given a car with a full tank, then when you are returning the car you should also take of a full tank, or each missing gallon may find the double tariff. Distances in the United States measured in miles, 1 mile = 1.6 km.